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  Shoes and horseshoe is to extend the leg muscles. But they hit the ground voice, already became the music.
  Tap is in the interpretation of certain rhythm, the dance, the shoe itself is a kind of decoration.
  I do not know what time, the aesthetic of the foot to an extreme development. Lotus feet show the aesthetics of violence in man's grasp.
  Meaning lotus feet heels and indistinguishable, is to make a woman's body to maximize the performance of the charm, but is implemented in a bondage, one is to achieve the purpose of the flattering.
  At this time the shoes have become an element of the body, men and women desire to appeal in the shoe aggregation.
  High heel, pointed toe, clearly the woman's secret to a variation cheap red bottom shoes sale of the way to show it, whereby we can determine, this pair of shoes is sexy.
  Childhood, people deflowered woman or romantic by nature a woman dubbed "tramp" in the name, we are quite interesting these Rattus small, often called rogue punk with the believers to succeed tongue quickly see those enchanting woman soon to the front, together shouting "tramp" and then disappear, that pleasure, for the parents did not suffer less beat.
  Now think about it, and felt this word means christian louboutin cheap pumps rich. Shoe itself has been given a very rich of information: it's shaped like a vulva, stretching leg movements such as sex, social status differences between men and women in this are all too clear. The term "tramp" Obviously with rough sex discrimination should be downright insulting female male vulgar language.